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Id 103
Date 1889-11-24
Location United Kingdom / -region na / Loch Kishorn
Database p unknown

Strange light observed by skipper Roderick Gordon. It changed colors often and was "much larger than any ship's lantern", ascended and descended several hundred feet with great speed. It increased in size, split into several, disappeared and reappeared again.

Transcription of the newspaper clip:

Monday 25th November 1889 - Page 9

*A Wonderful Phenomenon.*

Sir, - Would one of the numerous scientific readers
of your widely-read paper endeavour to explain the
following wonderful phenomenon? A ball of fire of
unusual brilliancy, at a distance, resembling the
electric light, has been seen occasionally during the
winter for the last twelve years at the entrance to Loch
Kishorn. It has been seen by nearly all the inhabitants,
and last night it was seen so plainly by the
crew of the boat Agues, of Kishorn, skipper Roderick
Gordon, on their way from the Loch Horn fishing,
that they got within 100 yards of the light, which at
the time was much larger than any ship's lantern, and
changing colours very often. At times it ascended to
the height of about 300 or 400 feet with great rapidity,
and descended with the same speed. It decreased
and increased in size, and broke into several lights.
All these disappeared at once, reappearing again in a
second about a mile from where they disappeared. At
times the light travelled at double the speed of the
swiftest steamer. At times the light was stationary,
but again it swung as if a lantern were tossed violently
about in a storm. Last night several people were
looking at it for hours. I am no believer in ghosts,
but having last night seen this strange light, I would
like very much to know the meaning of it. - I am, &c.


NEWSPAPER Scotsman, The (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)



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