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Id 107
Date 1761-02-07
Location United Kingdom / -region na / Wimbourne, Dorset
Database p strange lights

Bright phenomenon seen over the house of the witness.

Transcription of the annual register, p. 72-73:

Winbourn [Wimbourn?], Dorset, Feb. 7. Friday
night, between eight and nine
o'clock, when it was extremely
dark, as I was returning home in
my coach, with the canvas up, I
was suddenly surprized with the
most extraordinary appearance of
light I ever beheld; which rendered
every object so visible (not
only on the spot where we were,
but for miles round) that my servants,
who, but just before, could
scarce perceive the heads of the
horses they rode on, could now
see to take a pin from the ground;
and, what rendered it the more
alarming, it happened when I was
but two fields distance from my
house, and appeared as if rising
from the top of it, in two large
pillars of about seven feet high;
from whence I conjectured the
roof was on fire, and ordered my
servant to drive on as fast as possible;
in the interim, so light
was every thing round the house,
that I could plainly see into the
rooms, thro' every window in view,
and when I came near, I jumped
out of the coach, expecting to find
the whole building in flames; but,
in an instant, to my second great
surprize, the light vanished, without
leaving a spark behind, or
doing the least damage. I since
hear this surprizing phaenomenon,
or meteor, or whatever the naturalists
please to call it, was seen at
six miles distance, and lasted for only
half a minute; but its continuation
over the house, I judge to be
near five minutes, and when it disappeared,
it seemed to move forward,
and sink down below the roof.


BOOK The annual register, or a view of the history, politics, and literature, of the year 1761. (1779)


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