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Id 152
Date 1849-07-09
Location USA / Ohio / Sandusky
Database p strange lights

Transcription of the article:

*Queer.* Night before last we witnessed rather a
queer phenomenon. About 11 o'clock our attention
was directed to a curious appearance in the heavens,
and we saw what appeared to be a star of the first
magnitude, which would flash up with a bright red
light and then almost entirely disappear. After
watching some fifteen minutes or more, it began to
move upwards in the heavens, until became nearly
over head. The sky was cloudy and but few stars
were visible, and they were indistinct. After reaching
the altitude mentioned it again began to move
downwards, and passed behind a dense cloud where
we lost sight of it. We waited until the cloud passed
away but it was no longer visible. During the
whole time the flashing up and apparent dying away
was the same, although it seemed fainter, as if receding
from us. At first we did not know what to
make of it, thinking it might be a comet or "a world
on fire above us," but at last settled to the conclusion
that it must have been a balloon, although we have
not been able to hear of any having been sent up from
this place.


NEWSPAPER Daily Sanduskian (Sandusky, Ohio, USA)



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