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Id 43
Date 1808-09-01
Location Russia / -region na / Kremlin, Moscow
Database p unknown

Date: September, 1st? Old manuscript apparently reveals UFO sighting above the Kremlin. Quote from the internet article from MosNews: "at 8 o'clock and 7 minutes in the afternoon, in the sky, clear and sown with stars, a phenomenon appeared, incomparable in its beauty and rigor, as well as in radiance and enormous size, to anything seen before. As we noticed it, attracted by the loud cracking sound, it was rising in an arch over the horizon, from 55' to almost 90'. Having passed this distance in an instant, it stopped among the clouds as if over the Kremlin and looked like a long straight plate some nine arshin (6.35 meter) long and half arshin (0.35 meter) thick. Then on its front edge, turned to the South-West, an oval flame flared, some two arshin (1.4 meter) long and one and a half arshin (1.4 meter) thick, with a flame that can only be compared to the radiance of burning phosphor. Floating in a circle without open fire or sparkle, it nonetheless lighted everything around as broad daylight; then the flame went out, the light disappeared, but the bright plate remained and quite smoothly went perpendicularly upwards, reached the stars and still could be seen for some two minutes and then, without disappearing, it became invisible due to the extraordinary height."


INTERNET www.mosnews.com

2006-02-07, [Image taken from MosNews internet article]

BOOK Wonders in the Sky by Chris Aubeck and Jacques F. Vallee (2010)

p. 288/289, Case #383


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Image from the MosNews article
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