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Id 68
Date 1896-07-01
Location USA / Missouri / Princeton
Database p strange lights

Approximate date: July or summer of 1896. Quote directly from the source: "a peculiar light low down on the western horizon. It appeared to be perfectly round and about a foot in diameter, of a dull rose color, or, possibly, like a piece of live coal. When first observed it seemed to be floating within a hundred feet of the earth, but soon rose to a height about midway between the horizon and the zenith. For a time it floated very steadily, but soon began to oscillate up and down, at times even dropping out of sight behind hills. The wind was quite strong from the east, but the light traveled in an almost true north course. Its speed varied, sometimes seeming to outrun the train considerably, and at others it would fall behind, but never far enough to be lost to sight. Most of the time it appeared to be nearly abreast of the train and apparently from half a mile to a mile distant. Soon after it was first observed by me, my companion arose, and we both watched it closely until the town of Lineville, Iowa, was reached. There it passed out of sight behind the depot, and we saw it no more. During all the time it was in sight there was a heavy fall of rain, but very little lightning. It seemed to follow a course parallel to the Grand River, moving upstream. We had no idea at the time what caused the light, but I have since become convinced that it was "ball lightning."


MAGAZINE_JOURNAL Monthly Weather Review (USA)


MAGAZINE_JOURNAL Monthly Weather Review (USA)



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