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Id 85
Date 1909-12-22
Location USA / Massachusetts / Boston
Database p strange lights

Lights or aircrafts observed over the city. Speculated to be the aircraft invented by Wallace E. Tillinghast from Worcester.

Transcription of the newspaper clip:

Friday, December 24, 1909

*Mysterious Light
Excites Interest*

Believed to be That of Monster
Aeroplane Which Makes
Remarkable Journeys

BOSTON, Dec. 23. - Following the
report from Worcester last night of
the discovery above that city of a
strange moving light, apparently the
searchlight of a dirigible air craft, tonight
brought stories of the observance
of similar lights tonight from the
villages east of Worcester and even
from Boston.

People in Marlboro, South Farmington,
Natick, Ashland, Grafton, North
Grafton, Upon, Hopedale, Northboro
turned out in throngs tonight and saw
a mysterious light in the sky.

Many declared that it had the appearance
of a strong light and, while
the [sic] could discover no framework behind
it, such as an aeroplane would
have, they were positive that the light
could not be that of a balloon because
it moved as if under control and apparently
against the wind.

Wallace E. Tillinghast, a Worcester
man who recently claimed to have
invented a machine in which he had
gone from Worcester to New York
and return, and who, it was thought,
might have been the navigator of the
supposed airship, was non-commital


NEWSPAPER Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada, USA)

1909-12-24, Vol. LIII, No. 85


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