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Id 95
Date 1935-04-21
Location USA / Mississippi / Laurel
Database p mars

Humorous newsclip about an alleged message from Mars.

Transcription of the newspaper clip:

*1015-Lb. Meteor Falls From Sky*

Last Sunday night, late, a strange
flame-like object with an illuminated
tail was observed falling from
the heavens. Those who witnessed
the sight were stunned, and many
colored folks began to shout that
the end of the world had come.

Suddenly it landed on earth[?, not discernible]
distance from the nearest [observer?]
with a terrific jar that shook the
ground for miles around. People
jumped out of bed, threw on their
clothes, and rushed to the scene in a
panic. It was several hours before
they could go near enough to see
what the thing was. Early Monday
morning one of the men who had
stayed at the scene all night shouted
to the others that he saw some
strange writing on the meteorite. The
men hastily procured shovels and
dug up the phenomenon which was
half buried in the ground, and all
attempted in vain to decipher the
strange writing.

Finally, a New Orleans professor
of languages viewed the strange writing
and stated it meant the following:

"This is a message from an unknown
world of wise men. To those
who want to save money we say,
'Trade at Handelman's.'"

Remember Handelman's, 409 Central
Avenue. The Bargain Spot of
Laurel. Adv.


NEWSPAPER Leader Call (Laurel, Mississippi, USA)



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