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Date Location Link
1761-02-07 Wimbourne, Dorset (United Kingdom) link
1765-10-08 London, London (United Kingdom) link
1867-12-13 Quincy, Illinois (USA) link
1870-09-15 Gardnerville, Nevada (USA) link
1883-12-27 Newcomerstown, Ohio (USA) link
1889-11-24 Loch Kishorn (United Kingdom) link
1890-02-20 Waterford, Indiana (USA) link
1897-06-10 Atlanta, Georgia (USA) link
1905-09-06 Marion, Ohio (USA) link
1909-12-22 Boston, Massachusetts (USA) link
1909-12-24 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (USA) link
1917-11-12 Summitville, New York (USA) link
1921-03-04 Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) link
1921-09-25 Atlanta, Georgia (USA) link
1927-05-30 500 miles from the Azores Islands link
1846-09-19 La Salette (France) link
1870-01-04 Eau Claire, Wisconsin (USA) link
1890-06-15 Atlanta, Georgia (USA) link
1900-08-15 Berbenno (Italy) link
1916-04-27 Gastineau Channel, Alaska (USA) link
1906-06-01 Carlisle, Kentucky (USA) link
1904-09-30 Bristol, Connecticut (USA) link
1760-12-27 Copenhagen (Denmark) link
1913-12-14 (France) link
1925-08-23 Syracuse, New York (USA) link
1849-07-09 Sandusky, Ohio (USA) link
1907-01-23 Tiffin, Ohio (USA) link
1844-09-11 link
1917-12-18 Mansfield, Ohio (USA) link
1895-04-13 Georgia (USA) link
1909-06-19 link
1897-04-11 Illinois (USA) link
1909-12-22 Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) link
1897-02-11 Oakland, California (USA) link
1938-01-19 New York, New York (USA) link
1905-06-21 Sylvania, Georgia (USA) link
1915-08-08 DuBois, Pennsylvania (USA) link
1901-12-11 Freehold, New Jersey (USA) link
1911-10-13 Paris (France) link