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Country Region City C S Link
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Date Location Link
1925-10-11 link
1855-01-01 link
1871-03-19 link
1832-01-01 link
1935-01-01 link
1749-11-04 link
1917-12-09 link
1949-01-01 link
1844-09-11 link
1909-06-19 link
1867-01-01 link
1903-10-17 link
1910-05-15 link


Source C Link
[BOOK] Book of the Damned, The by Charles Hoy Fort (1919) 1 link
[BOOK] Ekkehard by Joseph Victor von Scheffel (1855) 1 link
[BOOK] Flying Saucers Are Real, The by Donald Edward Keyhoe (1950) 1 link
[BOOK] Georgiana and her father, or Conversations on Natural Phenomena by Selina Martin (1832) 1 link
[BOOK] Legendes, Propheties et Superstitions de la Guerre by Albert Dauzat (1920) 1 link
[BOOK] Poems of John Clare, The by John Clare (1935) 1 link
[UFO_MAGAZINE] Return to Magonia 1 link
[BOOK] The British chronologist - comprehending every material occurrence, ecclesiastical, civil, or milita 1 link
[BOOK] The flying canoe: legends of the Cowichans by Beryl M. Cryer (1949) 1 link
[BOOK] UFO encyclopedia: the phenomenon from the beginning by Jerome Clark (1998) 1 link
[BOOK] Unknown, The by Camille Flammarion (1900) 1 link
[BOOK] Unnatural Phenomena by Jerome Clark (2005) 1 link
[BOOK] Wild Talents by Charles Hoy Fort (1932) 1 link
[BOOK] Wonders in the Sky by Chris Aubeck and Jacques F. Vallee (2010) 2 link
[INTERNET] www.mosnews.com 1 link